Family Intervention on Crystal Meth Addiction

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The sole purpose of this website is to provide a comprehensive reference of up-to-date information on crystal meth and crystal methamphetamine addiction. Addiction on Crystal meth is an epidemic in this is country and around the world. We hope by offering this portal of facts and data it will help the families, friends and ultimately those who suffer from this devastating and insidious problem

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Intervention: Family Crisis Interventions

An intervention is a well orchestrated meeting where family members and friends confront the individual with the alcohol and or substance abuse problem, in a loving, caring manner. An intervention is a structured, caring process of getting help for a person who is in denial or refuses to get help for alcoholism or substance abuse. An intervention is a structured, solution-focused process consisting of a small group of close friends, family members or co-workers who come together in a caring and non-judgmental manner. Each participant in the intervention takes a turn expressing their concerns and how they see the problem person’s behavior is affecting them and this person. There needs to be a rehab facility already lined up and prepared to admit the person with the problem immediately upon completion of the intervention. Participants are given the opportunity to present their observations and help them see how their behavior is affecting both them and the people around them. The goal of an intervention is to get the person with the problem to agree to go and complete a rehab program. The purpose of an intervention is to facilitate the prospective patient's admission into an appropriate treatment program. Prior to meeting the prospective patient, an interventionist works with the interested parties, educating them about the disease, treatment and the intervention process.

Hiring a Professional Interventionist

Interventions are best handled with the assistance of a trained professional, known as an interventionist. They add an added dimension of professionalism and help the intervention to go smoothly.